The birth of a poem...

The essence of very tiny detail, like a carefully placed comma, or an invisible sigh of admiration, distilled into dewdrops sliding over the long green leaves that protect tulips from overexposure, redeeming the beautiful bold color and adding a dimension of its own.

Then letting it go into thin air, like a weightless particle,arriving in far-away places, like a carefully thought-out idea, a blissful singular event, a flash of infinitesimal brightness, arriving at noon, completely negating shadows and at the same time completely absolving them.

The reign of calm arrived with these words and it is here to stay...

Monday, July 2, 2012


I know what I'm saying.
My feelings belong only to me.
I can let you read about it.
And you may or may not see.
Nothing matters to me.

My soul is an island. I can't take
Other survivors. Life is each to his own.
Sort of became that way, these days,
When no one was looking.

Not my fault. Not my doing.
But I cherish my loneliness and my Crusoe days.
If you can't find a way to complement this
Just go on your way.

Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.
And don't worry about the absence of feelings.
No one can have a ready made supply.
It doesn't happen, sometimes.
And the sea continues to harbor the reflection of the moon.

You wait for the dawn. I'll be somewhere else.
Taking my words with me. Casting no looks, no anger, no shadow...

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