The birth of a poem...

The essence of very tiny detail, like a carefully placed comma, or an invisible sigh of admiration, distilled into dewdrops sliding over the long green leaves that protect tulips from overexposure, redeeming the beautiful bold color and adding a dimension of its own.

Then letting it go into thin air, like a weightless particle,arriving in far-away places, like a carefully thought-out idea, a blissful singular event, a flash of infinitesimal brightness, arriving at noon, completely negating shadows and at the same time completely absolving them.

The reign of calm arrived with these words and it is here to stay...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Midnight in Athens

It’s midnight in Athens.
An anchor in space and time, in the fabric of nocturnal existence.
As a stellar improvisation of stars and moons playing jazz
With the eternal orbits of celestial exuberance.
Somewhere else, the ship has sailed
Somewhere else, the white curtains wave farewell to the dream
A lonesome trumpet calls the evening in a seductively sombre wail 
And the lamp posts in the streets give the neon lights double shadows.

It’s midnight in Athens.
A voice travels through the ethereal corridors, electronic wonders
Of our present time, something to put to good use.
It doesn’t matter what you see. Or what you believe.
It’s real enough for me. And I am the one indulging all my senses.

Sweet synesthesia colour me. Tender music hold the night
And tango the shadows away. Let the feeling stay…
Let me vanish completely.
Sometimes darkness is not frightening.
And somewhere in the world it’s always midnight.

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lefty said...

excellent , even better now